Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The sea was angry...

Today the sea was angry...and as it smashed against the cliffs it looked like a frothy milkshake did not stop the whole day, and when it seemed to calm down, the wind and the rain took turns in making this a pretty miserable day. Or maybe it was an amazing day...I have never seen anything like it...but then I have never lived by the sea.

I played musical chairs (by myself) around the kitchen table all day as I passed the various stages of purse making. And now it is time to take one of the last finishing steps, attaching the metal frame. This part of the process requires a lot of patience, super strong fabric glue and a steady hand. My eyes are tired and the ceiling light reflects off the metal frames and is blinding me...

I managed to complete one purse.
The reward is something a little brighter than today´s weather.

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