Saturday, October 31, 2009

Husquie is sad

It could not have happened at a worse time but my sewing machine has to be taken into the repair shop. Husquie is sick. At first it was just a horrible sound but the stitches were fine. Then it turned into a horrible screechy sound and the stitches started to gather at the back and go all crazy. I would have put up with the painful sound as crazy as it may seem.
So, I thought that maybe it needed oil and I ventured out to the neighbouring village in my search for the amber liquid. As it turns out I should have done some research before I left. Husqvarna were the first to make machine parts out of powdered steel that when heated permeated the parts with oil. So, there is NO need to oil my machine and hence that is really not the problem.
It wasn´t so much of a waste... the oil cost only 70cents and curiously it can be used for machines and rifles! so it seems I got more than i bargained for there. And the walk there and back was so much more worth it than moping around the house trying to understand and counsel my machine. Here are just a few pics to inspire.

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