Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking for fabrics

Yesterday I had a fun day away from the sewing machine looking for materials. I came home with lots of beautiful fabrics to play with. This small old shop, that was still stuck back in time, was really interesting and had a fun mix of items for sale, from 70´s ties to bread bags, flat caps (most commonlly known as old man hats) and of course a terracotta pig.

This is a small sample of the vintage Portuguese fabrics I found... the blue one with the white flowers is one of my favourites, actually I love them all. These fabrics were once used to make regional costumes and are still used today by the Folklore dance groups (Ranchos Folclóricos).

These beautiful girls wear the typical work dress from Alentejo. The imaginative and random mix of fabrics makes these simple clothes unbeatably unique.

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