Friday, February 12, 2010


Work has begun... and these are 2 bags in progress using embroideries from Viana do Castelo, with typical heart and garland motif. They are so "Viva la revolucíon".

But what is this heart thing? The , a chambered muscular organ that pumps blood and maintains it flowing through the circulatory system. Some believe it is the seat of our emotions, others that it is our spiritual centre. As a symbol this ideograph represents the abstract idea, LOVE. In Unicode the heart symbol is U+2665 and for those mathematically inclined a heart-shaped figure is called a cardioid. Cupid or Amor, as we like to call him, lends us the ´love arrow pierced’ heart symbol. Today it is commonly used to represent the pleasure and pain sides of love, adorn high school books, oldschool sailor arms and anything that moves on Valentine´s day.

But lets face it, Valentine´s day is not just a day for lovers, and in Chicago, year 1929, Al “Scarface” Capone kills 6 members of George “Bugs” Moran´s gang in what was later termed the “Valentine Day Massacre”, putting an end to the Irish gangster´s carreer. The same year Milton Glaser is born, considered one of America´s great designers of the second half of the 20th century. Glaser in 1976 designs a famous icon, “I NY”. And so, because he knows, I leave you with Mr. Glaser beneath showing us a little truth by Iris Murdoch about LOVE...really.

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