Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat boy girl dove

This boy and girl live in separate windows of the same book shop. They are in the window of the Livraria da Câmara Municipal in Avenida da Républica nº 21 Lisboa. I fell in love with this couple and then walked away realising later that I knew nothing about them. Nothing that a little bit of investigative work can´t fix... and so the phone calls began...first to the bookshop where a lovely man told me that they were nothing important, just "two children", but that he thought they belonged to the Museu da Cidade. So I called the Museu da Cidade and there an even kinder lady, after many call transfers and an accidental hangup, looked into the database and told me all I need to know. The artist is a lady, Maria Gabriela Cordeiro Veloso, who practised during the New State and was active during the mid 20th century. Now if only I knew more about her...

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