Saturday, February 6, 2010

In Secrets

Picture source: Popular Science, Oct 1934
This article would have come in handy earlier this week. I feel so sneaky when I am taking pictures without asking permission. I normally ask but this time I couldn´t possibly face hearing a "NO!". And its not even like the pictures are amazing or of something secret, if it must be known they were taken at the storeroom of the Viúva Lamego shop in Largo do Intendente...and really it was so much more amazing than these pictures show, room after room of dusty tiles in boxes stacked on shelves that covered walls from floor to ceeling...a special room containing those which are no longer produced and one-offs put aside for restauration projects which included some of Maria Keil´s mural heart nearly stopped, I wanted to eat them. And it should be no secret that i am setting up a new space where I can work, making purses, designing and dreaming which I seem to do better than anything else. Will keep you posted and if you are Lisboa please do feel free do drop by and say Olá.

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