Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mexican Eye Candy

The Pastelaria Mexicana is one of my favourite cafes in Lisboa. The cafe dates back to the 40s but was totally remodelled in 1962 and boy did they do a great job. I am actually now curious to have seen the previous decor. As with anything the details are what stand the test of time and this space has so much to give. From the glass aviary with tree trunk to the stained glass cactus feature, the warm walls and angled ceiling. The clientelled mostly looked like they were regulars from since when the place opened and I would be happy if I could say that 50 years from now I could be that old lady. No tequila in sight and no Chico´s Tacos either, instead a tile wall mural created by Querubim Lapa to delight old friends, new friends, lovers and x-lovers.

Where: Avenida Guerra Junqueiro, 30c, Lisboa
Near: Praça de Londres

Long overdue P.S. (made known to me 31-10-2011, published now 23-1-2012)
It was brought to my attention that the Architect responsible for this wonderful cafe is Jorge Ferreira Chaves. The panel to which I refer above was born from the Architect's intention to include on that section of wall a strongly coloured surface to contrast with the other more subtle tones. The space has for the last 15 years been in the process of classification by the IGESPAR but is now facing the risk of being declassified due to objections posed by the current tenants.

I strongly recommend you read more about this very important and influential Portuguese Architect. Here is a link written in English:
and two links written in Portuguese:

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