Monday, November 30, 2009

Palms and Pampas grass

This is without a doubt, hands down, so far my favourite christmas shopfront decoration this year in Lisbon. It is on Rua Garrett in Chiado. There is actually a real palm tree and sprigs of rosemary. Oh, the excesses of the season. Or is it a mirage...I wish they decorated their shop like this all year round.

Downtown, in Rua Augusta, a pedestrian street perfect for rambling and window shopping these ladies brave the cold and clouds of roasting chestnut smoke. The warmth is all above the kneeline. Here they sit year round selling the brightest flower bouquets, cut ferns and my favourite the dried and died fluffy pampas grass. The wicker baskets are so perfect against the cobble stone....isn´t it all just so romantic. The window in the corner belongs to a tailor shop established in 1856, decorated in a more traditional manner with pine garlands.

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