Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet & Sweets

I have been away from a computer since tuesday. I had tonsolitis and was bed ridden for 3 days(those who know me enjoyed the silence). Many cups of tea, spoonfulls of honey and lots of medicine later things seem to be back on track. Of what was supposed to be a few relaxing days with family down south in Lagos turned out to be quite frustrating but I did manage to get out and about 2 mornings, to the local market and the family farm and the Christmas Bazaar. The rest of the time I spent indoors resting or photographing my aunties quilts, rag bags and other curios. For today... a new purse and pretty roses to match and below a sneak preview of my morning at the local growers market. These cakes are amazing...pure sugar...made from almond meal, like marzipan but not bitter, and filled with strings of egg yolks that have been funneled into sugar syrup at high temperatures...hard to explain that last bit...suffice to say...delicious!! they are called "bolos de doce fino". My favourites are the animals, I like to eat them in bits, first the lips, then the tail, then the head...
Lots more photos to follow in the next few days.

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