Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twinkle twinkle big star

A new blanket, now finished and enjoying a very happy life. This project was as much fun as it was very time consuming. But I also learned a lot from it. I learned to be more patient for one, although that still needs a lot of work. And I learned from my mum that undoing is also doing, meaning that at no stage of the process if I was not happy with the result I did not hesitate to unpick and undo. I guess sometimes you just want to get to the end and ignore mistakes so you get there faster, but when you spend so much time doing something like this, which took me the best of a month to complete, it is definitely worth doing well and taking your time. After all, every time I finish a big project I always think... oh.... it´s finished... that wasn´t so bad.

All the fabrics I used were found from markets or second hand shops, some I had had for years. It was interesting to see them marry so well and to watch the quilt grow accordingly. Fabrics just sort of materialised as I wished for them which is something I enjoy in projects like this, how they just sort of grow. The hardest part for me was the quilting because I don´t really like using a thimble and so after a few days of hand sewing I hand a little hole in my finger, and a sewing callous of sorts, ouch. I started with a drawing which I roughly followed and that was quite handy just to get all the proportions right but I soon put it aside and just made the whole thing up as I went.


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