Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Market day... Armazens do Chiado

Today I bought a large Scarf and a beautiful wool hat from the markets. Originally sold and made for the Grandes Armazens do Chiado(built 1894) in Lisboa, which unfortunately burned down in 1988. I never got to go inside this department store, it would have been amazing. Now rebuilt, nothing remains of its former inner glory, just the facade. The scarf was still inside its original paper bag as was the hat, both labeled accordingly. In all I got 4 of these paper bags you received your bought goodies in... and they are all different, which is nice from the history of design of the brand perspective... I am so happy. Pictured above you have the Armazens in 1958, a postcard that advertises the monumental interior staircase as well as the 115 meter facade, and the sad end to this beautiful shoppers delight.

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