Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ribbands galore

Medieval Santa Maria da Feira rewarded me with clean forest air that was pure inspiration and with a bounty of ribbons. Some of the ribbons are Portuguese some Swiss... all very old and oh so pretty. I have started to use them already and they look stunning. In total I think I got about 20 different designs, some with little dogs and ducks, others with little people and houses, some with flowers. Our parents used these same ribbons to adorn our baby sheets, little dresses and anything that needed a little cheer.

The gentleman who sold me the ribbons was sweet and very helpful and not at all annoyed by my curiosity. I liked his tie. I was in the shop for what felt like a lifetime. He moved slowly and steadily to measure and cut all the ribbons, he was very calm and precise. His timing allowed my eyes to wander all the shelves and dusty dark corners of the small shop looking for treasures. I was able to, there and then, forget the past and ignore the unknown future awaiting me. The future happened and became the past and it just sort of turned itself inside out, no better no worse. According to Mr Orwell, "[...] you can get anything in this world if you genuinely don't want it." Let´s see how this all works out.


  1. I really, really, really like your images. there is something with a vintage haze not only about your subjects/objects and composition but about what, when and from where you choose to capture...if i continue I'll sound like a wine bottle's back label...point is: I really like your pics.

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